Five Tips For Faster Web Surfing:

Here are a few tips to help you surf the Web faster. If you are really looking to accelerate your Web experience, download the BrowserAccelerator and join over 200,000 other who have improved their online experience!

    1) Demand a faster connection: High-speed Internet service such as DSL or cable may cost more, but it greatly speeds your online interaction time. You can determine your connection speed at and verify your need for a faster connection.

    2) Watch the status bar: The status bar lets you see the progress of files loading in your browser. If it seems to be taking too long, do not be afraid to hit the stop button. You will still be able to see the files that have already loaded, you just won't be waiting. If you need to see images or content that is missing, just hit the reload button.

    3) Increase Your Cache: Files that you download are kept in a cache on the hard drive of your computer. When you surf to a website that you have previously visited, a cache lets your computer access these files locally stored instead of from the server. You can increase your speed by increasing the size of you cache. With Explorer 5.0 or later, under the Tools menu, select Internet Options. Next, on the General tab, click on Settings. Use the slider to increase the cache. If you use Netscape Navigator 4.0 or a later release, under the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then click on Advanced. Now click on Cache. In the appropriate box, increase the cache size.

    4) Use Bookmarks Regularly You are sure to find hundreds if not thousands of sites that you want to return to as you surf the Web in the future. Using bookmarks enables you to do this without having to write anything down or use a search engine to find the sites you like.

    5) View Site in Text-Only Mode The root cause of most slow-loading pages is graphics (images). If you really want to increase the speed that you experience the 'Net with, surf the Web with the images turned off in your Web browser. With Internet Explorer 5.0 or later versions, under the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then click the Advanced tab. Now uncheck Show Pictures.

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